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Hello! My name is Denzel Barnes, and I am a senior at California State University-Dominguez Hills majoring in Communications, with a focus in public relations and advertising. I have plans on graduating in the spring of 2022. I am currently an employee at Costco and I must say that it has taught me interpersonal skills. When I was younger, I was so focused on staying financially afloat to the point that school was no longer a priority. In the fall of 2018, I made a warranted decision to apply to CSUDH and getting accepted into that university is one of my greatest accomplishments. I truly enjoyed my first semester there because I established excellent relationships with my professors and I was also able to utilize the great resources on campus.

Denzel Jevary Barnes

Photo Credit: Belinda Guizar Photography

However, in 2020, my college experience was temporarily halted due to the pandemic. I was forced to transition into online learning, which was challenging and eye-opening in sense that my quest to earn my degree did not end. 

I have an affinity for fashion and it is my dream to be a buyer for a high-end department store, particularly Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales. My goal is to intern for a store to gain some experience in that field. Although being a buyer is a highly competitive career, I am extremely passionate about it and willing to perfect my craft to the best of my ability. It would be advantageous and rewarding for me to use my career to help others.

About Me





The media alert is a strong representation of my proficient writing skills. I partnered with a colleague of mine for this particular project.


Starting off, it was a bit confusing because I was unfamiliar with writing a professional media alert. To show I was more than willing to complete the assignment successfully, I followed up with my professor a total of three times for edits. 


The news release kit showcases excellent grammatical skills and my ability to recall and report key information of an event to my colleagues. I was required to research a Disneyland event featuring the singer Todrick Hall. I then had to convert my facts into a news release. This project was challenging as it was rewarding because it allowed me an opportunity to become more familiar with PR based writing.

Writing Works



This multimedia sample chronicles the happenings of my life during the pandemic. I began the assignment by writing down a list of topics I wanted to mention. Then, I recorded it and did some extensive editing to make it somewhat professional. I used adobe premiere for my edits. Additionally, I incorporated music, transitions, and subtitles to make it more entertaining for the viewers.


I interviewed a former buyer of Saks Fifth Avenue by the name of Kiesha Steffans. She provided me with the steps I need to take to get involved in that field.


I truly enjoyed our conversation because it was in an informal setting and it made me feel a bit less tense. I am now able to apply my newfound knowledge to the job market. To record the segment, I used an audio recorder on my mobile device.




As a group, we were required to complete research on Smirnoff seltzer water. This was a challenging project as it consisted of creating ads, extensive writing, and a detailed creative brief. We were unable to meet in person due to the pandemic. With that being said, we met up via zoom at least once a week to assure we were up to date on our tasks. The hard work and determination paid off, seeing that the professor loved our presentation and creativity.


This project is by far the most difficult one that I ever had to complete. However, it turned out to be a masterpiece. My colleagues and I managed to collect surveys from people in and out of the state and we also devised a plan to work on the project that benefited all of us. As it relates to writing the paper, we shared our ideas while also making sure it was cohesive.

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